10 Things to Make This Halloween

Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays, which is why I’m always so excited to make new recipes for it each year. I’ve got a list of 10 delicious desserts you can make this Halloween to help you get in the spirit!

If you’re looking to bake something delicious and pumpkin flavored, I’ve got you covered. This simple Pumpkin Spice Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting combines layers of tender pumpkin cake with tangy cream cheese frosting with every bite.

If you’re looking for something pumpkin flavored that works for both dessert and breakfast the next day, these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing hit the spot. They’re just like classic cinnamon rolls, but with a seasonal twist.

But, if you want something pumpkin flavored that’s bite sized, you can always make these Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal Cookies. They’re like classic oatmeal cookies that are infused with pumpkin spice and pumpkin puree, and the result is scrumptious.

Sometimes it’s better to opt for a dessert that doesn’t require you to turn on the oven, and when that’s the case, I usually go for a good old fashioned milkshake. These Halloween Chocolate Milkshakes will impress anyone with their fancy look and rich, chocolate-y taste.

Another fun option that doesn’t require turning on the oven is this Classic Chocolate Pudding. It’s rich, creamy, and decadent. This year I put a Halloween spin on it by adding Halloween sprinkles!

Now there’s also the classic Halloween favorite, Caramel Apples. These combine the bitterness of a granny smith apple with the salted caramel and your favorite Halloween candy. This makes them a great thing to make after Halloween when you’ve got candy to spare.

And if you want to make try a different version of a Caramel Apple, you can opt for these Caramel Apple Muffins. They’ve got the soft, fluffy muffin texture with the same apple taste and are drizzled with salted caramel for that salty, yet sweet combination that the classic treat is known for.

If you’re really looking to get into the spirit of Halloween, I’ve also got some fun, spooky desserts that are a little more involved, but are well worth the extra effort. First up, these Jack O Lantern Stained Glass Cookies combine your favorite cut out sugar cookie recipe with hard candy to create a cool stained glass effect just like real jack o lanterns.

These Spider Web Cut Out Sugar Cookies are another fun and festive option. I’ve got a printable you can download to help create their intricate design, and sprinkling sugar on them gives them a cool effect and an added crunch.

But if you’re craving something flaky and buttery, these Raspberry Bat Hand Pies will do the trick. I’ve even got a printable template you can download so you don’t need a cookie cutter! Delicious raspberry filling meets layers of rich, buttery dough.

Whatever you decide to make, have a fun and safe Happy Halloween!

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