Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies

One of my favorite types of candy is a nonpareil. I love the crunch you get with each bite because of all of the nonpareil sprinkles. So when Christmas time comes around, I love getting those mint chip nonpareils that come in those bright pastel colors. This year, I figured, why not add them to some cookies?

These Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies are rich and fudgy, with a hint of mint in each bite. The mint chip nonpareils give them an added crunch that works well with their soft, fudgy center. It’s one of my new favorite holiday cookies!

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Mint Chip Brownies

When I think of baking in May, I think of all things mint chip! My older brother’s birthday is in May, and he loves mint and chocolate. In the past I’ve made this Dark Chocolate Mint Chip Cake, but this year I wanted to try taking that same flavor combination and adding it to brownies. And let me tell you, these Mint Chip Brownies do not disappoint.

These Mint Chip Brownies combine a rich and fudgy brownie with a light, fluffy mint flavored frosting. Adding chopped chocolate on top gives them an added bit of crunch.

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Mint Chip Milkshakes

I’m back with another milkshake recipe for you! I think we all deserve another milkshake with all of this heat, don’t you? If you love mint and chocolate as much as me, this is the milkshake for you. Delicious crème de menthe meets luscious vanilla ice cream and little bits of bittersweet chocolate for a cool and refreshing drink.

Just like with my Dark Chocolate Mint Chip Cake, I love using crème de menthe because it adds just enough of a mint flavor without being too strong. You can use mint extract instead to make it more kid friendly, but be sure to add about 1 tsp at a time until you reach the flavor you want as a little goes a long way.

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