Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwiches

When I think of classic ice cream desserts, I think of the iconic banana split. Scoops of ice cream placed in a shallow dish, topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherries and sandwiched between a banana cut in half. What if we took a fun spin on the banana split? Bring on Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwiches!

These Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwiches have the classic flavors of a banana split, but with the convenience of an ice cream sandwich. Vanilla ice cream is sandwiched between two banana flavored, sprinkle covered cookies. The cookies are firm around the edges, but soft in the middle and the sprinkles give them a nice crunch!

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Cotton Candy Milkshakes

If you’ve ever been to a county fair, you know the sweet smell of the cotton candy booth from anywhere. The large vat of cotton candy and the paper cones that are swirled around inside to collect that colorful, sweet goodness into a fluffy cloud. Now what would happen if we took that cotton candy, but transformed it into a milkshake?

These Cotton Candy Milkshakes are the perfect sweet and colorful dessert for summer. Sweet, fluffy cotton candy is blended into creamy, cold ice cream for a delicious treat!

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Mint Chip Milkshakes

I’m back with another milkshake recipe for you! I think we all deserve another milkshake with all of this heat, don’t you? If you love mint and chocolate as much as me, this is the milkshake for you. Delicious crème de menthe meets luscious vanilla ice cream and little bits of bittersweet chocolate for a cool and refreshing drink.

Just like with my Dark Chocolate Mint Chip Cake, I love using crème de menthe because it adds just enough of a mint flavor without being too strong. You can use mint extract instead to make it more kid friendly, but be sure to add about 1 tsp at a time until you reach the flavor you want as a little goes a long way.

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