Cookies and Cream Milkshakes

Summer is almost here, which means I’m busy creating all kinds of fun no-bake recipes just in time for the heatwave. One of my go-to’s every year is milkshakes! They’re super easy to make and are the most delicious thing to enjoy on a hot summer day. This time I wanted to take a fun twist on the classic cookies and cream.

These Cookies and Cream Milkshakes take all the best aspects of a chocolate sandwich cookie, like its rich chocolate base and sweet filling, and combine it with cold, creamy ice cream for a delicious treat.

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Mint Chip Brownies

When I think of baking in May, I think of all things mint chip! My older brother’s birthday is in May, and he loves mint and chocolate. In the past I’ve made this Dark Chocolate Mint Chip Cake, but this year I wanted to try taking that same flavor combination and adding it to brownies. And let me tell you, these Mint Chip Brownies do not disappoint.

These Mint Chip Brownies combine a rich and fudgy brownie with a light, fluffy mint flavored frosting. Adding chopped chocolate on top gives them an added bit of crunch.

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Chocolate Easter Bunny Cupcake Tutorial

There are a lot of great Easter candy options to choose from, but my all time favorite is the classic chocolate Easter bunny. There’s something about delicious chocolate wrapped in shiny gold foil and carefully peeling back that foil to nibble away on that chocolate bit by bit.

These Chocolate Easter Bunny Cupcakes have all of that nostalgic and classic Easter feeling in the form of a cupcake! They start off by being dipped in a graham cracker mixture that looks just like moss. Then they’re topped with a mini chocolate Easter bunny brushed in gold luster dust to give them that shiny gold foil look, just like the real thing!

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