Irish Cream Brownies with Irish Cream Frosting

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, and this year I decided to combine my love of chocolate and Irish cream in brownie form! These Irish Cream Brownies are rich and fudgy with a hint of Irish cream liqueur in both their brownie base and their frosting.

They feel decadent and fun without tasting too boozy, and they’re topped off with chopped chocolate and shamrock sprinkles for an added crunch! Plus, they’re really easy to make and come together pretty quickly.

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Mini Chocolate Cakes for Two

Have you ever really wanted chocolate cake, but didn’t really want to make a whole chocolate cake? You just want a smaller version of that that’s enough to finish in one sitting. Something delicious to enjoy with less work and fewer dishes. Well these Mini Chocolate Cakes for Two are the perfect thing to satisfy that craving for cake!

They’re rich, chocolate-y, and feel really decadent, but are simple and easy to make. Four mini cakes are stacked to form two mini chocolate cakes that are layered with rich chocolate buttercream and fresh raspberries.

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Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies

One of my favorite types of candy is a nonpareil. I love the crunch you get with each bite because of all of the nonpareil sprinkles. So when Christmas time comes around, I love getting those mint chip nonpareils that come in those bright pastel colors. This year, I figured, why not add them to some cookies?

These Chocolate Mint Chip Cookies are rich and fudgy, with a hint of mint in each bite. The mint chip nonpareils give them an added crunch that works well with their soft, fudgy center. It’s one of my new favorite holiday cookies!

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